“I was always looking for the meaning of life, of my life and my place in this world. The brutality of our society made me hurt, I have been lost, deeply depressive and confused about who I am and what I want. So I decided to meet somebody to help me, and I finally met Jen. She’s very compassionate and always listens to what I feel, without any judgment. She’s flexible, quick and interested. Working with Jen has helped me to understand and accept myself, once and for all. Thank you for everything Jen, you are a pearl in a stretch of sand.”

Yannick, Switzerland

“In the time I’ve spent working with Jen, I’ve learned many things.  Of these lessons learned the most important to me was learning to accept that life is full of positive experiences and negative experiences, positive people and negative people.  Many of the variables in our lives are not within our control.  We can’t control everything that happens, and we can’t control how other people act.  The only thing we can control is ourselves and the way we react to life’s many circumstances.  Jen helped me learn how to accept myself, and my life fully.  She taught me to accept that the worst may happen but to go out and live my life anyway because a life of fear is not really a life at all.  Jen helped me to take control of my life again and in doing so I got my life back.”

Doug, US

“Jen, I just wanted to tell you that I’m extremely grateful that I’ve found you on my path at this moment of my life.  I could have stayed prisoner of my old limiting way of thinking for 10 more years.  Your genuine and professional coaching is for me a powerful tool for rapid transformation. Thank you!”

Ryan, U.K.

“I was feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by the future. Jen helped me to think about the different paths that I might take, and taught me how to evaluate the choices. Thanks to her insight, advice, and unique methods, I learned to be confident about my future, and not to regret the paths that I cannot follow. Thanks, Jen!”

Alex, Hong Kong

“Jen and I cut to the chase, we bulldoze through my complicated life to make sure the focus stays, all in just one hour’s time.  She is flexible to work with, quick and prepared.  Being unique gives you that edge, but it will put you in a lonely spot.  It’s why I need Jennifer on my side.  Thanks again, Jen!”

MN, China

“It has been a true privilege to work with Jen. I can honestly say that no one has ever gotten me the way she does; she really understands me and is highly compassionate. I’ve never felt as safe talking about my frantic inner world as I feel with her. Jen has a remarkable intuitive touch that is hard to describe, which she combines with lots of experience, knowledge and preparation for each session. When we started the coaching process I felt overwhelmed and lost in life, things looked great on the outside and I was doing a ton of stuff, but on the inside I felt scattered and disheartened; “is this all there is?” Luckily things are changing, and changing fast, paradoxically by slowing down. Coaching with Jen isn’t just about action-planning, it goes to a deeper level of changing yourself and your surrounding world by finding and expressing who and what you are at your core. This has been more profound than I could have possibly imagined! You’ll need to experience it yourself to really understand it, and I highly recommend that you do!”

Ronnie, Finland
“Before meeting Jen, I was always searching for “something,” but I didn’t realize what it was. Then she came into my life and changed it drastically, simply by showing me who I really was and what I was able to achieve. After every discussion with Jen, everything seems so easy and I feel like I can change the world a little bit. Thank you so much Jen, and continue your great work, because you help so many people to find meaning in their life!”
MB, Switzerland