Jennifer Harvey Sallin

 Psychologist, Coach, Trainer & Advocate

  • Founding Director of
  • Training for Professionals who support the Gifted Population
  • Qualitative Giftedness Assessments
  • Giftedness & Climate Advocate

Languages: English, French, Italian, German

Jennifer’s Bio & Background

My work is devoted to supporting intellectually gifted people around the world. To that end, I’ve developed a holistic model of giftedness that always includes intellectual giftedness, but also carefully considers and values other forms of giftedness that come along with it, such as emotional, creative, sensual, existential and physical forms of intelligence. As a psychologist, coach, mentor, assessor, trainer and advocate, I’ve used this model to support many gifted people in identifying, integrating and embracing their giftedness expression over the last decade. You can learn more about my model here.

Since 2015, I’ve served as the founding director of InterGifted, where we have a worldwide gifted social network and a professional support network of gifted coaches. Although I’m no longer able to work with individual clients in coaching and mentoring, I continue to offer qualitative giftedness assessments for adults and to train coaches, therapists and other helping professionals on the complexities of gifted psychology. You can learn about those services below and at

In the last decade, I’ve written extensively on gifted psychology and self-development, and you can find some of my articles on Rediscovering Yourself’s blog and InterGifted’s blog. You may also enjoy exploring my podcast Conversations on Gifted Trauma and other interviews, talks, books and resources at my media page.

I’m also passionate about helping gifted people to develop and hone their ecological intelligence and intuition. You can learn about my climate and earth education and advocacy work and get involved via I Heart Earth.

A bit about my background: personally and professionally, I have followed the classically gifted non-linear path. Originally trained in psychology, classical music, and coaching in the U.S. (Master in Counseling, Bachelor in Music and Psychology, Diploma in Life Coaching), I worked in vocational psychology, coaching, entrepreneurship and leadership until I decided to take a break to carve out a new path. I left the U.S. and went on the search for a more deeply meaningful engagement with life. My explorations took me down the route of mindfulness, consciousness research, non-dual philosophies, giftedness rediscovery, and a subsequent restructuring of my career to support gifted adults in their personal and professional development. This work, in turn, led me to develop a holistic model of giftedness that adults can use as an effective and efficient giftedness self-discovery and self-development tool. Before founding InterGifted, I served specifically as a coach for highly gifted entrepreneurs and I taught self-development skills to students in doctoral programs. After founding InterGifted, I moved into providing qualitative giftedness assessments for adults, as well as training professionals on gifted-specific psychology, and directing the organization.

Thank you for learning about my work and background. You can continue reading below for more information about assessments and training with me.

Qualitative Giftedness Asssessments

Giftedness is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Within giftedness there are levels and flavors; and if anything else is added to giftedness, such as ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities or other similar differences, giftedness can be very hard to fully understand. Even if you have an IQ score that “proves” your giftedness according to that measure, the intelligence that makes you good at IQ testing is far from the whole picture of your “giftedness profile”.

Assessment sessions with me are designed to help you look at the full picture of your giftedness (or possible giftedness, if you’re not sure yet): including your level and areas of giftedness, and any second exceptionalities you have and how that affects your expression of giftedness. If you have an IQ score, that can be a helpful data point for us to include in our analysis, but we are looking at a picture larger than just logico-mathematical intelligence. We are looking at a more holistic picture of how your mind takes in and organizes the world, and how that translates into your unique gifted perception, expression, challenges and opportunities.

Assessments are typically done in one two-hour session on Zoom (in English, French or Italian), after you provide written reflections on your experiences. This session is sufficient for obtaining an understanding of your level and areas of giftedness; many clients like to have an additional follow-up session, to look more deeply into how their giftedness combines with their unique personality style, culture, family culture, educational opportunities or lack thereof, and so on, to get a more complete picture of their profile and how to use it for their thriving. Many clients also want to continue coaching or mentoring sessions following the assessment session(s), and for that, I make recommendations within my InterGifted Coaching Network.

Learn more about the assessment process here and read what others say about their assessment experiences here. Assessment cost is 855 CHF. I typically have a long wait-list (12+ months); if you prefer to seek assessment sooner with another assessor at my organization InterGifted, you can find more information here. All of the InterGifted assessors have been trained by me.

To get on my assessments wait list, please email me.

Professional Training in Gifted Psychology, for Therapists & Coaches

I am passionate about supporting professionals to dedicate their work to supporting the gifted population. I train coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, and social workers on the fundamental complex dynamics of gifted cognition and guide them to best support their gifted clients. You can learn about my group trainings here, or get in touch with me to inquire about individual training. Course costs vary; individual training sessions cost 275 CHF per hour. Individual training can be done in English or French.

Gifted Leadership Training & Support

I train and support gifted adults in positions of leadership who are working in the gifted or ecological and climate domains. You can learn about my group training here, and inquire about individual sessions via email. These sessions can be held in English, French or Italian.

Referrals for Gifted Coaching & Mentoring

I am no longer able to work with coaching clients; however I have trained coaches within my InterGifted network who are themselves gifted, and specialize in coaching gifted adults and mentoring professionals who serve the gifted population. Learn more and connect with an InterGifted coach or mentor here.