“When I started with Jennifer, I was professionally and personally drained. I thought it was the fault of everybody around me , but through coaching, Jennifer helped me not only understand myself and my standards, but also helped me manage others in my professional and social circle better. I was treating everyone as if they were me, but Jennifer for the first time in my life made me understand who I was, why I was the way I was, and most importantly understand my boundaries, a word I did not even know the meaning of. I did not know I had boundaries and that I should not let people cross them – including myself! She enlightened me in understanding that I have needs, and that I needed to listen to my inner voice and my own needs to be happy. And not just try to satisfy everyone around me, but I needed to satisfy my needs first! She did an amazing job in giving me a visibility and patience to make change, which was not easy, but Jennifer was there every corner I needed to turn and every cliff I need to jump…she gave me the confidence to jump!!!”

Hanan, US

“When I first contacted Jennifer for professional coaching, I did so hoping for a number of possible outcomes. I thought coaching might reveal my current role in a clearer light and help me perform it in a more effective and satisfying way. Or perhaps coaching might finally convince me that the time was right to pursue radically new possibilities. The reality was that it somehow managed to do both at the same time. Through a continuously evolving series of discussions, explorations and reflections on recommended readings, Jennifer enabled me to reframe my sense of self and to identify and overcome several long-standing personal and professional challenges. I was pointed towards the work of numerous inspiring writers and public speakers, often bringing me back in touch with truths I knew as a child but had lost in adulthood. Sometimes reassuring, sometimes provocative, always interested, Jennifer showed the knowledge, experience and insights needed to help me rebalance my position in life and in the professional world. All in all, this has been and continues to be an investment of huge value to me and my work.”

GS, Switzerland
“I would like my words to do justice to the experience of working with Jen and avoid being redundant with the other truthful testimonials. Believe it or not, achieving this to my satisfaction would take a long time and potentially be off the mark. Jen refers to this as ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and she has helped me with it. As a testimonial, I would like to share a personal motivational reminder I wrote to myself while working with Jen. It is symbolic in the fact that I wrote it in 30 seconds. I doubt I could have written a worthier testimonial for the wonderful professional and human being that is Jen.
‘Even the echo of the most somber of thoughts and darkest of deeds holds the sublime essence of truth.
Catch it on the bounce and rise to heights never achieved before.
As you soar ever higher, have faith that, forever more, you will achieve.’
Thank you Jen.”


Thierry, France

“Jen’s coaching really helped me getting my focus back! Her insights have given me momentum. I think about the big picture and how I could utilize my story to help others.  She is a very warm and caring person and at the same time she really hits the nail on the head when it comes to finding the missing pieces. I am working with horses and what is true with them, is true for us: it’s the small things that bring about monster changes. Jen also never pushes you into something, nor does she work off a prepared list. She is VERY intuitive and sharp and I felt as if she knew what I thought before I knew it. I am not easy to be excited, nor would I ever recommend someone unless I was 100% convinced that they were good. I thank Jen for being there for me and helping me getting my focus back. I would not hesitate one second to contact her again if I felt lost. Jen, just wanted to say THANK YOU for your direction and your understanding! Keep up the good work and I would love to see your potential to empower more people by being their mentor.”

Michaela, Germany

“Hiring a personal coach was something I was very hesitant about doing. I did not have confidence that whoever I chose would be able to really understand me as a person yet a businessman. In no time my fears were put at ease. Jennifer had amazing insight into me. Often times in the past I have felt alone, isolated and a bit of an outcast.  After a few sessions I began to understand myself better and not feel at all like an outcast. I realized there were many people out there just like me. People with the same fears and worries who just needed the tools to handle them properly and put them in the proper perspective. That alone alleviated quite a bit of stress. But just as important was the caring that Jennifer showed. This was something I was not anticipating. Oftentimes she will email me to say she was thinking of me and wanted to know how I was doing. Whenever I have a question I can email her and know I’ll get a quick response and not be ‘on the clock’ for doing so. In this day and age where it seems so many people are just about the money, Jennifer is not. She TRULY cares.”

Steve, US

“Working with Jennifer has had a profound effect on my life. Through our work I was able for the first time in my life to find out who I really am and what I want out of life. I will forever be grateful for her insight and support. We also have a lot of fun!”

Alex, US

“I don’t get scared easily, but before my first session with Jennifer I was scared – scared that leaving my job to launch my “side” business full time would be “boring” because I would be doing the same thing day after day. In that first hour with Jennifer, she challenged me to look at the problem differently and made me realize that I was a lot more suited to working in “bursts”, implementing project after project rather than having a daily routine. She changed my whole perspective that day, and after one year of working with her I can tell you it was not just a lucky shot.”

Thomas, France