Jen’s coaching gently shoe-horned me out of Professional Freeze. HEPG mirroring was precisely what was missing to push me off of a suffocating pin-head of misplaced priorities. I was overwhelmed by too many choices and stale allegiance to old beliefs. Her feedback was an invaluable intervention. It interrupted what felt like an endless spiral of entropic, ineffectual efforts to articulate the coherence of my own ideas. She gave me permission to claim the elegance of the perspective on which I hang my professional hat. Her expert guidance and ability to wrap your head around my professional vision gave me hope that my ambitions are not only attainable but vital to others.
Now I have reclaimed my original voice. It’s something to be genuinely proud of and develop. As importantly, I learned it’s possible to trust myself and my instincts to articulate what’s most vital about my work. Staying connected to that vitality, I feel confident, will fuel me through a successful implementation of my vision. I look forward to my future now and anticipate a life based as much on delight as on due-diligence. I have been searching for Jen’s kind of coaching for over ten years. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.
Ellen, US

I worked with Jen in coaching for a while before daring to ask for a giftedness level assessment. I was really scared because I don’t want to feel like I’m “better” than anyone, but in coaching I was realizing that I was avoiding understanding myself by avoiding knowing about my gifted profile. So, we scheduled an assessment session, and it was life-changing. I realized that I am exceptionally gifted and highly empathic, and as a woman, sometimes those aspects of myself have worked in competition with each other. I want to be smart and move ahead at my speed, but I want to care for everyone and never make others suffer. Jen has helped me realize that I have a right and a real need to express my exceptionally gifted self, but that with self-awareness, I can also learn to do so in ways that does not hurt others. This is a huge revelation, and Jen and I are continuing to work on it in our coaching sessions. It’s hard to believe that, after 20 years of therapy, my life could change so much in just a half-year of knowing Jen! Thank you Jen.

Eve, Belgium

It’s hard to describe what happened to me when I did my assessment with Jen. It was like a whole split in my life happened, in a good way. I couldn’t believe that she was able to read me and my mind so clearly, and it was hard to hold in my tears of relief throughout our entire session. Perhaps most helpful was that she was not only able to see into my mind and describe it with crystal clarity, but she was able to help me see what I could do concretely in my life to make room for my full flourishing. I had had an IQ test ages before, and it had never helped me understand my mind or what to do with it in my real life. Now I feel like I have a manual for myself and a map of where to go and how to get there.

Claire, Norway

The assessment with Jen was like re-discovering myself with someone who could see me, articulate that which I couldn’t and validate it. The intense and ‘different’ parts of who I am have been kept in the peripheral and the assessment helped me bring them to the forefront with someone who has the authority and the compassion to say “I see you, and you’re okay”. Learning that there’s a reason for my sensitivities, and finally having a place or a label for the structures of my thoughts and reactions was like one giant exhale. Jen is kind, ridiculously smart and overall, a true badass. The assessment is an investment that I’d highly recommend to anyone with a subtle inner knowing that they’re different but who doesn’t have the tools or expertise to be able to pinpoint the how’s/what’s and why’s of it.

Rebecca, Australia

Jen’s gifted psychology 101 course for training coaches was such a wonderfully enlightening experience. Whether you are a coach in training or simply want to expand your knowledge of what it means to be gifted, I can’t recommend this course enough. Jennifer Harvey Sallin has created a masterpiece comprising of well structured modules which I found to be very engaging from the bare basics, to the meta themed levels of gifted psychology. The group discussions provide a great opportunity to analyse how others integrate the courses content, allowing participants to benefit from multiple learning perspectives. I feel that the course provides a really clear indication of where you’re at in your current gifted process and an awareness of how to move forward. If you want to work with gifted people as a coach or mentor, this course provides a deep and clear insight into how gifted people work which I feel is second to none and will certainly be of benefit to your journey.

Max, Australia

Jen’s Gifted Psychology 101 for Coaches course has been an immersive, rigorous and highly enjoyable learning experience. Jen has crafted a curriculum that is elegant, clearly structured, and comprehensive; providing in-depth understanding of the full spectrum of issues gifted coaching clients face. She brings the fullness of her expertise, humanity, humor and compassion to the table, and tailors each class to the needs and questions of the participants, making a point of offering practical insight for where each student is at – no matter where they may be on their journey to working with gifted clients. Additionally, the course fosters students’ self-development and honest personal reflection on their gifted experience. This created a level of depth through relevant personal exploration (and even healing) and Jen’s mirroring; as well as intimacy and camaraderie with fellow students. This course gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to start my gifted coaching practice and to support my clients from a whole-person perspective. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to do the same.

Karin, Germany

Jen’s Gifted Psychology 101 course has been a double journey. I enrolled to gain professional knowledge and month after month I felt more comfortable and ready to offer support to gifted clients. Jennifer has given me an organised path to follow which has improved my competence and also helped to make order in the cluster of information I previously gained self-studying. The unexpected surprise has been the personal journey. As the weeks went by I noticed how the new learning and the homework tasks were positively affecting my self-affirmation journey.

Patrizia, South Africa