“I would like my words to do justice to the experience of working with Jen and avoid being redundant with the other truthful testimonials. Believe it or not, achieving this to my satisfaction would take a long time and potentially be off the mark. Jen refers to this as ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and she has helped me with it. As a testimonial, I would like to share a personal motivational reminder I wrote to myself while working with Jen. It is symbolic in the fact that I wrote it in 30 seconds. I doubt I could have written a worthier testimonial for the wonderful professional and human being that is Jen.
‘Even the echo of the most somber of thoughts and darkest of deeds holds the sublime essence of truth.
Catch it on the bounce and rise to heights never achieved before.
As you soar ever higher, have faith that, forever more, you will achieve.’
Thank you Jen.”