“Hiring a personal coach was something I was very hesitant about doing. I did not have confidence that whoever I chose would be able to really understand me as a person yet a businessman. In no time my fears were put at ease. Jennifer had amazing insight into me. Often times in the past I have felt alone, isolated and a bit of an outcast.  After a few sessions I began to understand myself better and not feel at all like an outcast. I realized there were many people out there just like me. People with the same fears and worries who just needed the tools to handle them properly and put them in the proper perspective. That alone alleviated quite a bit of stress. But just as important was the caring that Jennifer showed. This was something I was not anticipating. Oftentimes she will email me to say she was thinking of me and wanted to know how I was doing. Whenever I have a question I can email her and know I’ll get a quick response and not be ‘on the clock’ for doing so. In this day and age where it seems so many people are just about the money, Jennifer is not. She TRULY cares.”