“It has been a true privilege to work with Jen. I can honestly say that no one has ever gotten me the way she does; she really understands me and is highly compassionate. I’ve never felt as safe talking about my frantic inner world as I feel with her. Jen has a remarkable intuitive touch that is hard to describe, which she combines with lots of experience, knowledge and preparation for each session. When we started the coaching process I felt overwhelmed and lost in life, things looked great on the outside and I was doing a ton of stuff, but on the inside I felt scattered and disheartened; “is this all there is?” Luckily things are changing, and changing fast, paradoxically by slowing down. Coaching with Jen isn’t just about action-planning, it goes to a deeper level of changing yourself and your surrounding world by finding and expressing who and what you are at your core. This has been more profound than I could have possibly imagined! You’ll need to experience it yourself to really understand it, and I highly recommend that you do!”