Jen’s Gifted Psychology 101 course for coaches offers an extensive and in-depth look at core components of practical psychology, highlights where and how giftedness changes the picture, and shows how it all relates to coaching. The course work also provides plenty of recommended reading for further studies on your own. My knowledge of giftedness, psychology and coaching has increased manifold – I now feel many times more competent and comfortable in my role as philosophical coach.

…And that was the professional side of things. For as it happens, during this past year of Psych 101, I seem to have undergone a complete, personal transformation. I’ve read some of the most life-transforming books I’ve ever read. The homework included some of the most important psychological work I’ve ever done – for me, personally. As friend, partner, parent. And just for how I wake up in the morning, welcome the day and what it brings, and then welcome the night when its time to sleep. I feel “upgraded”, if that makes sense. I’d do it all again, any day.