“Jen’s coaching really helped me getting my focus back! Her insights have given me momentum. I think about the big picture and how I could utilize my story to help others.  She is a very warm and caring person and at the same time she really hits the nail on the head when it comes to finding the missing pieces. I am working with horses and what is true with them, is true for us: it’s the small things that bring about monster changes. Jen also never pushes you into something, nor does she work off a prepared list. She is VERY intuitive and sharp and I felt as if she knew what I thought before I knew it. I am not easy to be excited, nor would I ever recommend someone unless I was 100% convinced that they were good. I thank Jen for being there for me and helping me getting my focus back. I would not hesitate one second to contact her again if I felt lost. Jen, just wanted to say THANK YOU for your direction and your understanding! Keep up the good work and I would love to see your potential to empower more people by being their mentor.”