Jen’s Gifted Psychology 101 for Coaches course has been an immersive, rigorous and highly enjoyable learning experience. Jen has crafted a curriculum that is elegant, clearly structured, and comprehensive; providing in-depth understanding of the full spectrum of issues gifted coaching clients face. She brings the fullness of her expertise, humanity, humor and compassion to the table, and tailors each class to the needs and questions of the participants, making a point of offering practical insight for where each student is at – no matter where they may be on their journey to working with gifted clients. Additionally, the course fosters students’ self-development and honest personal reflection on their gifted experience. This created a level of depth through relevant personal exploration (and even healing) and Jen’s mirroring; as well as intimacy and camaraderie with fellow students. This course gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to start my gifted coaching practice and to support my clients from a whole-person perspective. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to do the same.