“When I started with Jennifer, I was professionally and personally drained. I thought it was the fault of everybody around me , but through coaching, Jennifer helped me not only understand myself and my standards, but also helped me manage others in my professional and social circle better. I was treating everyone as if they were me, but Jennifer for the first time in my life made me understand who I was, why I was the way I was, and most importantly understand my boundaries, a word I did not even know the meaning of. I did not know I had boundaries and that I should not let people cross them – including myself! She enlightened me in understanding that I have needs, and that I needed to listen to my inner voice and my own needs to be happy. And not just try to satisfy everyone around me, but I needed to satisfy my needs first! She did an amazing job in giving me a visibility and patience to make change, which was not easy, but Jennifer was there every corner I needed to turn and every cliff I need to jump…she gave me the confidence to jump!!!”