“When I first contacted Jennifer for professional coaching, I did so hoping for a number of possible outcomes. I thought coaching might reveal my current role in a clearer light and help me perform it in a more effective and satisfying way. Or perhaps coaching might finally convince me that the time was right to pursue radically new possibilities. The reality was that it somehow managed to do both at the same time. Through a continuously evolving series of discussions, explorations and reflections on recommended readings, Jennifer enabled me to reframe my sense of self and to identify and overcome several long-standing personal and professional challenges. I was pointed towards the work of numerous inspiring writers and public speakers, often bringing me back in touch with truths I knew as a child but had lost in adulthood. Sometimes reassuring, sometimes provocative, always interested, Jennifer showed the knowledge, experience and insights needed to help me rebalance my position in life and in the professional world. All in all, this has been and continues to be an investment of huge value to me and my work.”