Gifted community.

Finding out you are gifted is something that happens at one point in time; understanding exactly what that means for you, meeting other people like you, and finding belonging, adequate support, and encouraging social mirroring as a gifted person is a journey of a lifetime. Jennifer Harvey Sallin started InterGifted as a social experiment in 2015, inviting gifted adults to gather all around the world in community and via gifted-specific coaching, mentoring, and workshops. Since then it has grown to include over 1,000 gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional peers around the world.

Social development.

“Oh, you too? I thought it was just me!” For gifted adults, this feeling is the biggest relief imaginable. Growing up feeling like an alien can have extremely negative effects on the development of our sense of self. Being an adult without friends and peers who get how your mind works and why you’re so intense can be an agony beyond description. Belonging is a basic human need, for gifted people too, and belonging is a foundational factor for the construction and emergence of healthy self-esteem. That’s why we created our supportive community and specialized peer groups – to promote social belonging and the self-esteem (and incredible creative energy and personal drive) that those essentials give us. Find out more about our community and our peer groups!

Gifted-specific personal development.

Part of our experiment has been to gather gifted coaches and mentors into a cohesive, collaborative and creative network that is easy to find and easy to work with. We have coaches around the world who join together to support gifted adults (and kids!) in all areas of personal, professional and social development and growth. We work mostly by zoom and in many languages. You can find out about our coaching (and giftedness integration work) here. If you need a gifted-specific therapy referral or other gifted-specific mental health support, we offer that here.

Your unique gifted cognitive profile.

Getting an IQ score helps you with a number, but it doesn’t tell you how you process thoughts, organize your reality, handle your emotions, or best relate to people. We developed qualitative assessments which help you answer the question not only of whether you’re gifted, but if so, how your own unique cognitive profile feels and works best for you. It’s all personalized to help you better understand yourself and take joyful action that nourishes your particular mind construction, with customized recommendations for ongoing support and personal growth. Learn about our process here.

Workshops / Training.

Personal and professional development opportunities are usually geared toward the neuromajority crowd, which is made up of more linear learners and thinkers. Our coaches and leaders offer workshops and courses matched to a gifted style, speed and learning pattern. Our participants love the added benefit of getting to hang out with other gifted peers!

InterGifted’s founder Jen is also working hard to educate professionals through ongoing individual and group trainings, so that they are equipped to provide informed gifted-specific support to their gifted clients. Therapists, coaches, mentors, psychiatrists, social workers and all other helping professionals welcome.

Learn about our workshops, courses and trainings here.

Partner projects.

Starting in 2019, we’ve created a response to the climate emergency at I Heart Earth. Also starting in 2019, we’ve partnered with our coach and collaborator Kelly Pryde to bring you The Gifted Mindfulness Collective – a series of mindfulness courses, practice spaces, retreats and mindfulness coaching for gifted people.

Raising awareness about giftedness in adulthood.

Many people falsely believe that giftedness magically disappears after childhood, or that if giftedness does exist, it just makes everything easier for the people who are gifted. We know from our own very personal experience that giftedness does follow us to adulthood, and that it definitely doesn’t make everything easier. Together as a gifted community, we are working hard to raise public awareness that giftedness in adulthood exists, and to make others aware of the specific needs of gifted people. We want to cultivate understanding, respect, support and resources for gifted adults in the larger community as well. Help us raise awareness by sharing our blog articles and media, purchasing our community ebooks and sharing our initiatives in your network. Thank you for your support!