Feedback for Jennifer Harvey Sallin

“What can I say about Jennifer’s coaching work? I can’t even begin to find the words.

As a profoundly gifted adult, I have found other consultants, counsellors and psychologists to be a poor fit for my rapidly evolving and fractally intense needs. Therefore, even though I actively sought mentoring for years, I never, ever, felt genuinely helped by any of the professionals I’d spoken to. I was always left sad and disappointed and just made do with what little I got. Most of the time, I would overwhelm them with the ways and means I’d already researched, applied and tackled. Many were the times I would prepare extensively for a session, going in with all my notes, hoping to tell them, “Well, here’s what I’ve done, so I was wondering if you have anything further to suggest?” and to receive a response along the lines of, “Oh okay, well if those haven’t worked as well as you desired, here’s what more you can do.” No. In fact, every time it’s either a blank face, an overwhelmed face, a bored face, or even a threatened face, and then complete change of subject or a reversion to patent basics, again and again. It was mutually frustrating and resource depleting.

With Jennifer, however, I realised that what I needed and craved all these decades was challenge. I needed a coach who could challenge me to push my comfort zones beyond what I was capable of on my own, without a professionally neutral third-party perspective. I needed a coach who was not only as driven as I am myself to constantly evolve, self-actualise and even self-transcend, but who also approaches those goals as a profoundly gifted person would. This made such a difference to my sense of self, identity and worth, when I realised that I wasn’t wrong all these years, I was simply working with the wrong people out of sheer ignorance.

Gifted people need gifted coaches. There is no two ways about it. We need a gifted coach who can not only match our speed, intensity and diversity but who is also trained and personally experienced with all the skills and toolsets required to achieve what we desire.

Jennifer is an extremely wise, compassionate and skillful coach who not only has the professional training and capacity but also a unique kindness and genuine curiosity that allows her to connect with her gifted clients as fellow human beings, and that is a quality is so rare to find in coaches and mentors these days. My sessions with Jennifer always leave me feeling seen and heard, appreciated and supported and most importantly of all, spiritually, psychologically and practically empowered to take the next right small step toward creating the life I desire and deserve as who I am.”

Silver,, Australia

“Jen was the right light at the right time for me. I had spent a good portion of my early adult life trying to figure myself out and how I fit into the world, and while I had made significant progress, there were missing pieces – the gifted pieces – that were keeping me stuck. Jen helped me fill in those missing pieces and ‘unlock the whole’ so that I could move forward. Without her coaching and guidance, there were aspects of myself I don’t think I would have ever embraced, let alone even recognized. Jen is an exceptional coach and human being, and should you ever have the opportunity to work with her, grab it with arms wide open!”

Kelly, Canada

“Working with Jen first in group sessions, then in individual sessions for the last three years has really helped me to continue growing as a young adult. She has coached me on how to deal with my career in general, such as communicating difficult decisions to my superior, making tough career decisions by following my passion, managing impostor syndrome, finding my personal rhythm at work and balancing it with family life. Overall, I’ve learned how to manage my time so that I have become more efficient based on my personal needs, learning how to set my boundaries towards others and gain the full authority over my life. Jen’s coaching has made a big difference in my personal development these last three years and I’d strongly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who is interested in self- and career- development.”

J.B., France

“I learned more in three Skype sessions with Jen from halfway across the globe than I did in years of sitting in therapy. You just handed me the information that I needed (no, that I craved) and I felt like a dying tree being revived by a rainstorm. Like manna from heaven. Clarity crystallizing from out of the fog. For that, I will be forever grateful!”

Mary Ann, USA
“People believe living with high intelligence ‘is great’ and ‘makes life easy’. They have no idea what an exceptional mind can be like in everyday interaction. Words cannot express what meeting my coach Jen has meant to me. Finally, my thoughts, feelings and abilities were allowed to exist. A couple of sessions has helped me more than years of traditional coaching and support. This is the first time I have met a person who can understand my mind and my abilities; explain needs and ways to work. It has been a huge help in my professional life. Jen is the first person who acknowledged just how different my mind is. If you are on the higher range of giftedness, I can highly recommend this service. I feel like an extremely rare, colorful bird finally released into its natural habitat.”
Sara, Sweden

“Jen is a phenomenal mentor for aspiring gifted coaches. Working with her has been a true privilege. Not only does she bring a thorough understanding of giftedness and years of experience in coaching gifted people to the sessions, she also empowers you to develop your unique style in all aspects of coaching. She supported me in becoming my most courageous and authentic self in my coaching practice. Whenever I was ready to go to the next level, she was right there, ready for the next leg towards mastery, believing in me without reservation. Jen has a distinctive gift to bring out the best coach in you – her insights, teachings and approaches have been an invaluable asset in this endeavour.”

Sandra Pfluger, Life & Career Coach,, Estonia

“It has been such a gift to work with Jen. I began coaching sessions with Jen in the hopes of sorting through some issues within my professional life. By going deeper and understanding for the first time how my mind really works, I was not only able to sort through the struggles in my professional life, but also gain a deeper understanding of my complex nature and how I can befriend my intensity, using it to find joy and happiness in my life. My coaching sessions with Jen were filled with wonderful insights that I will carry with me always. I now have the privilege to work with Jen as my mentor as I navigate my way through a new and exciting career path.”

Amy Schief, Trauma, Grief & Loss Coach,, Switzerland

“When I started with Jennifer, I was professionally and personally drained. I thought it was the fault of everybody around me , but through coaching, Jennifer helped me not only understand myself and my standards, but also helped me manage others in my professional and social circle better. I was treating everyone as if they were me, but Jennifer for the first time in my life made me understand who I was, why I was the way I was, and most importantly understand my boundaries, a word I did not even know the meaning of. I did not know I had boundaries and that I should not let people cross them – including myself! She enlightened me in understanding that I have needs, and that I needed to listen to my inner voice and my own needs to be happy. And not just try to satisfy everyone around me, but I needed to satisfy my needs first! She did an amazing job in giving me a visibility and patience to make change, which was not easy, but Jennifer was there every corner I needed to turn and every cliff I need to jump…she gave me the confidence to jump!!!”

Hanan Fraysse, Director of Lifestyle and Beauty Division, ACTIUM, Miami
“I am very thankful for Jen’s coaching. She successfully coached me in business-related issues, personal development and interpersonal relationships. She helped me to know myself better and to learn what matters to me. I can now set my priorities in all aspects of life to achieve what I need to feel accomplished. This has changed the way I see life and the options I have to handle various situations. She is a very pleasant person, she is gifted with a lot of empathy and clarity. I enoyed my sessions with her, we laughed a lot, too. Life continues and one does not know what comes along ones way. Certainly, I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future. Many thanks, Jen!!!”
GS, Switzerland

“When I first contacted Jennifer for professional coaching, I did so hoping for a number of possible outcomes. I thought coaching might reveal my current role in a clearer light and help me perform it in a more effective and satisfying way. Or perhaps coaching might finally convince me that the time was right to pursue radically new possibilities. The reality was that it somehow managed to do both at the same time. Through a continuously evolving series of discussions, explorations and reflections on recommended readings, Jennifer enabled me to reframe my sense of self and to identify and overcome several long-standing personal and professional challenges. I was pointed towards the work of numerous inspiring writers and public speakers, often bringing me back in touch with truths I knew as a child but had lost in adulthood. Sometimes reassuring, sometimes provocative, always interested, Jennifer showed the knowledge, experience and insights needed to help me rebalance my position in life and in the professional world. All in all, this has been and continues to be an investment of huge value to me and my work.”

GS, Switzerland
“I would like my words to do justice to the experience of working with Jen and avoid being redundant with the other truthful testimonials. Believe it or not, achieving this to my satisfaction would take a long time and potentially be off the mark. Jen refers to this as ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and she has helped me with it. As a testimonial, I would like to share a personal motivational reminder I wrote to myself while working with Jen. It is symbolic in the fact that I wrote it in 30 seconds. I doubt I could have written a worthier testimonial for the wonderful professional and human being that is Jen.
‘Even the echo of the most somber of thoughts and darkest of deeds holds the sublime essence of truth.
Catch it on the bounce and rise to heights never achieved before.
As you soar ever higher, have faith that, forever more, you will achieve.’
Thank you Jen.”


Anonymous Citizen of the World

“Jen’s coaching really helped me getting my focus back! Her insights have given me momentum. I think about the big picture and how I could utilize my story to help others.  She is a very warm and caring person and at the same time she really hits the nail on the head when it comes to finding the missing pieces. I am working with horses and what is true with them, is true for us: it’s the small things that bring about monster changes. Jen also never pushes you into something, nor does she work off a prepared list. She is VERY intuitive and sharp and I felt as if she knew what I thought before I knew it. I am not easy to be excited, nor would I ever recommend someone unless I was 100% convinced that they were good. I thank Jen for being there for me and helping me getting my focus back. I would not hesitate one second to contact her again if I felt lost. Jen, just wanted to say THANK YOU for your direction and your understanding! Keep up the good work and I would love to see your potential to empower more people by being their mentor.”

Michaela Koelbl, Horse Trainer, Essen, Germany

“I am very happy that I met Jennifer.  At that time in my life, I felt very confused.  Jennifer helped me to find out on my own what is best for me.  She is a very intuitive and sensitive person, and it is very easy to communicate with her.  I am now really confident and happy for what’s coming next in my relationships, business, education, etc.  Thank you Jennifer!”

Nadia, Switzerland

“Hiring a personal coach was something I was very hesitant about doing. I did not have confidence that whoever I chose would be able to really understand me as a person yet a businessman. In no time my fears were put at ease. Jennifer had amazing insight into me. Often times in the past I have felt alone, isolated and a bit of an outcast.  After a few sessions I began to understand myself better and not feel at all like an outcast. I realized there were many people out there just like me. People with the same fears and worries who just needed the tools to handle them properly and put them in the proper perspective. That alone alleviated quite a bit of stress. But just as important was the caring that Jennifer showed. This was something I was not anticipating. Oftentimes she will email me to say she was thinking of me and wanted to know how I was doing. Whenever I have a question I can email her and know I’ll get a quick response and not be ‘on the clock’ for doing so. In this day and age where it seems so many people are just about the money, Jennifer is not. She TRULY cares.”

Steve, New Jersey

“Working with Jennifer has had a profound effect on my life. Through our work I was able for the first time in my life to find out who I really am and what I want out of life. I will forever be grateful for her insight and support. We also have a lot of fun!”

Alex, New York

“I don’t get scared easily, but before my first session with Jennifer I was scared – scared that leaving my job to launch my “side” business full time would be “boring” because I would be doing the same thing day after day. In that first hour with Jennifer, she challenged me to look at the problem differently and made me realize that I was a lot more suited to working in “bursts”, implementing project after project rather than having a daily routine. She changed my whole perspective that day, and after one year of working with her I can tell you it was not just a lucky shot.”


“I was always looking for the meaning of life, of my life and my place in this world. The brutality of our society made me hurt, I have been lost, deeply depressive and confused about who I am and what I want. So I decided to meet somebody to help me, and I finally met Jen. She’s very compassionate and always listens to what I feel, without any judgment. She’s flexible, quick and interested. Working with Jen has helped me to understand and accept myself, once and for all. Thank you for everything Jen, you are a pearl in a stretch of sand.”

Yannick, Switzerland

“Jen, I sincerely thank you. Your insight into my mind, heart, body and soul rings ever so true to me.  I wanted to change because I knew that the way I was living was destructive. My problem however was finding a way to make lasting changes. No matter how hard I tried I’d always fall back into the same routine, to repeat the same schemas.  Thank you for giving me a sense of better understanding so that I may live my life for ME!”

Clementina, Lausanne, Switzerland

“In the time I’ve spent working with Jen, I’ve learned many things.  Of these lessons learned the most important to me was learning to accept that life is full of positive experiences and negative experiences, positive people and negative people.  Many of the variables in our lives are not within our control.  We can’t control everything that happens, and we can’t control how other people act.  The only thing we can control is ourselves and the way we react to life’s many circumstances.  Jen helped me learn how to accept myself, and my life fully.  She taught me to accept that the worst may happen but to go out and live my life anyway because a life of fear is not really a life at all.  Jen helped me to take control of my life again and in doing so I got my life back.”

Doug, Maryland, USA

“Jen, thank you.  She has been great to work with.  She brings great synergy and insights.  She has helped me bring a lot more conscious awareness into my life both personally and professionally.  Now I look forward to a lot more ‘ah-ha’ moments, versus ‘I am not sure what just happened’ moments.”

Alice Ng, Cofounder, GingeRootz Asian Grille, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

“Jen, I just wanted to tell you that I’m extremely grateful that I’ve found you on my path at this moment of my life.  I could have stayed prisoner of my old limiting way of thinking for 10 more years.  Your genuine and professional coaching is for me a powerful tool for rapid transformation. Thank you!”

Ryan Hamada, Entrepreneur & Speaker,, London, U.K.

“I was feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by the future. Jen helped me to think about the different paths that I might take, and taught me how to evaluate the choices. Thanks to her insight, advice, and unique methods, I learned to be confident about my future, and not to regret the paths that I cannot follow. Thanks, Jen!”

Alex, Hong Kong

“Jen and I cut to the chase, we bulldoze through my complicated life to make sure the focus stays, all in just one hour’s time.  She is flexible to work with, quick and prepared.  Being unique gives you that edge, but it will put you in a lonely spot.  It’s why I need Jennifer on my side.  Thanks again, Jen!”

MN, Qingdao, China

“It has been a true privilege to work with Jen. I can honestly say that no one has ever gotten me the way she does; she really understands me and is highly compassionate. I’ve never felt as safe talking about my frantic inner world as I feel with her. Jen has a remarkable intuitive touch that is hard to describe, which she combines with lots of experience, knowledge and preparation for each session. When we started the coaching process I felt overwhelmed and lost in life, things looked great on the outside and I was doing a ton of stuff, but on the inside I felt scattered and disheartened; “is this all there is?” Luckily things are changing, and changing fast, paradoxically by slowing down. Coaching with Jen isn’t just about action-planning, it goes to a deeper level of changing yourself and your surrounding world by finding and expressing who and what you are at your core. This has been more profound than I could have possibly imagined! You’ll need to experience it yourself to really understand it, and I highly recommend that you do!”

Ronnie, Finland
“Before meeting Jen, I was always searching for “something,” but I didn’t realize what it was. Then she came into my life and changed it drastically, simply by showing me who I really was and what I was able to achieve. After every discussion with Jen, everything seems so easy and I feel like I can change the world a little bit. Thank you so much Jen, and continue your great work, because you help so many people to find meaning in their life!”
MB, Bern, Switzerland

“I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Jen at this time in my life. I have been feeling stunted, lost and very confused about who I am and what I want for me.  With Jen’s gentle guidance and caring support, it is all becoming more clear. I finally feel like I can begin to embrace the sunshine and start growing again.”

CAV, Artist, Switzerland

Feedback for Michelle Quarton

“Michelle’s invaluable counsel and direction helped put our son’s feet on the right path at a crucial time in his life. She also helped us, as parents, more effectively parent our son. She came up with effective strategies to positively reinforce our son’s accomplishments in ways we never would have thought of on our own.”

Cindy Wittkopp, Michigan, USA

“Michelle is an amazing person to work with. She is knowledgeable about resources and helps people navigate the mental health system. She guides you through the process without telling you what to do or how to do it.”

Lisa Murrell, Director, Community Living Centers, Inc., Michigan, USA

“Michelle is an excellent listener, quick to assess issues that need to be addressed. She employs a deliberate and consistent analytical approach assisting you gently through the problem solving process. Michelle does not provide you the answer, her strength is she guides you so that you determine the best solution for your own unique situation.”

DH, Board of Director member, Community Living Centers, Inc., Michigan, USA

“Michelle is one of the most clinically skilled, resourceful, functional social workers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Michelle’s ability to identify core issues, develop measurable goals and coach individuals to make permanent change in their life is absolutely remarkable.”

Jill D. Guz, OTR, CCM, Michigan, USA

“Michelle has helped my clients successfully navigate what has been some of the most difficult periods of their lives. She is reliable and conscientious with her practice, and thorough and timely with her reports. I always find Michelle to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in treating her clients. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Russell D. Donelson, Esq. Law Firm of Russell D. Donelson, P.C., Michigan, USA

“As a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, I refer frequently to Michelle Quarton to counsel, guide, and advocate for my families who have a child with disabilities. She knows how help families work productively with the schools and the school system; she is especially knowledgeable about resources for older adolescents and young adults who are making the transition from home and school to work or life in the community; and she is a genuinely kind, smart, and positive person. She is a great resource for the community.”

Richard Solomon, MD, Medical Director, Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Michigan, USA