Rediscovering Yourself is a collaborative initiative to provide guidance and coaching to gifted individuals, and to help gifted people around the world connect. It was founded by coaches Jennifer Harvey Sallin and Michelle Quarton based on their shared passion for helping others towards rediscovering their authentic self. Together with associate coaches Sandra Pfluger, Ronnie Grandell and Marie-Paule Haefliger, they offer local and international coaching for gifted adults and other unique, driven and curious people.

What is Giftedness?

  • Giftedness is a kind of mind construction that tends to complexify simple things, and loves to simplify complex things.
  • A gifted mind comes with the joy of having widely divergent interests and talents, and seeing big patterns; it also comes with the frustration of struggling to meaningfully unify all of one’s divergent interests, and the difficulty of keeping things simple.
  • Gifted minds are intense and complex – mentally, emotionally, creatively.  Channeled appropriately, that intensity and complexity can result in brilliance; mismanaged or misunderstood, it can be a burden.
  • Our goal in coaching is to help gifted people understand their minds, and to learn to work with and enjoy their natural flow.
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Who is Rediscovering Yourself?

  • Coaches Jennifer Harvey Sallin and Michelle Quarton founded Rediscovering Yourself in 2011 to provide guidance and coaching to gifted people; since then, they have welcomed coaches Sandra Pfluger, Ronnie Grandell and Marie-Paule Haefliger.
  • We are trained in coaching, with advanced degrees in psychology, social work, and sociology; sub-specializations include giftedness, entrepreneurship, leadership, performance, creativity, spirituality, self-compassion, the science of happiness, and so on.
  • We work together and separately, blending our specialities and points of view creatively and meaningfully, in order to provide the most balanced and comprehensive guidance to our clients.
  • We offer coaching for gifted individuals, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, managers, work teams, couples, and families; we also offer mentoring for professionals in the gifted field.
  • Each of us has a variety of projects, including books, courses, an online community, and so on…check our individual coaching pages for details!


Co-Founder, Coach & Mentor

Guiding Highly Gifted Entrepreneurs &
Leaders on Their Path to Mastery

Co-Founder, Coach & Mediator

Helping Individuals, Couples & Families to Live Intentionally

Associate Coach

Supporting the Gifted In Realizing Their True Potential in Life & Work

Associate Coach

Catalyzing Leaders & Performers to Unleash their Full Potential

Associate Coach

Challenging the Highly-Developed to Find Their Inner Compass and Strategically Manage Talent & Growth

Intergifted Network


A network hub of connection and support for gifted people

Jennifer Harvey Sallin has created the InterGifted platform to help gifted people around the world connect.  We are a global community of people who have highly creative, complex and unusually active minds.  We connect professionally and personally in group conversations, peer collaborations, peer interest groups, and other inspiring and unconventional events and projects.  Come co-create with us!



Discover Itsemyötätunto

For those of you who don’t speak Finnish, “Itsemyötätunto” means Self-Compassion, and it’s one of Ronnie’s specialties.  His new book shows us how we can learn to treat ourselves more like a dear friend…learn more.


“I met Marie-Paule at secondary school when I was 13 years old, and she has always been for me an enigmatic and fascinating person. She is one of those people who make others say, “something is special with her”.  Some weeks ago, I had to ask myself the question in a women’s life: being pregnant, would I keep the child or decide to abort, taking into consideration multiple aspects tied to my personality, my lifestyle, and the father. During this period, mixed with many doubts, uncertainties, insecurities, demoralization and anxiousness, Marie-Paule was there. Her physical presence is strong, calming, reassuring, and of course non-judgmental; her emotional presence is felt in rational, intuitive, and sensible listening.  Her openness, her directness, her courage to formulate things as they are, without embellishing or misrepresentating, or even catastrophizing, allows her to be there in a non-intrusive way, as a mirror that reflects reality for what it is, but also, reflecting the best of me. In the space of just a few minutes, she was able to shed light on hidden aspects of me that I had been unable to perceive myself. With these few words, I take this opportunity to thank her warmly for her presence – a presence which, for me, is one of those exceptional and essential ‘presences’ ”.

D.L. Switzerland

“When Marie-Paule began coaching me, I felt I was at an impasse in my professional life.  Thanks to her listening capacity and her sensitivity, she is able to shed light on my strengths to best tap into them in the future.  With her guidance, listening and questions, Marie-Paule knows how to bring out my strong points and helps me understand how to better reflect and improve myself.  She knows how to view and positively transform experiences and situations. Thanks to her, I am learning to speak about my work with pride.  I thank her for the care she shows me and for her availability, and equally for her help in perspective-taking and her practical advice.  Marie-Paule has a very unique way of transmitting her positive and communicative energy to others, and it has done me a lot of good!”

Sibylle, Switzerland

“I am grateful to have crossed paths with Marie-Paule. She is an interested, sensitive and caring person. After every discussion with her I feel better, being able to see things with more distance again. She is great in listening very attentively and in asking the “right” questions. That way she makes it possible to detect what is actually emotionally going on in me and to reflect on it. I never felt judged by Marie-Paule, which allowed developing a deeply/highly trustful relationship to her.  I thank her for being there for me.”

Anna, Switzerland

“I would describe Marie-Paule as a very bright open minded and empathic person. Yet practical with both feet on the ground. Marie-Paule has the gift of understanding where your are coming from and the skills to gently help you find what is best for you and only you. She helped me unleash my full potential so I was able to live my live to the fullest.”

A.B.G., Switzerland

“I do not know what my life in Switzerland would be like without having met Marie-Paule, but I do know that it would have been much less rich – less rich in encounters, understanding, openness, exchange, ideas, colors and collaborations.  I have had the luck (or blessing!) of meeting Marie-Paule and collaborating with her since my first year here.  I credit much of my success in integrating into the Swiss culture and the successful development of my professional activity as an expat in Switzerland to Marie-Paule’s support, encouragement, ideas and unending creativity, and drive toward understanding and excellence.  What a partner to work with!  Marie-Paule, you are a gem and I am happy to support your work in supporting others!”

Jennifer Harvey Sallin, Switzerland

“Along with being a great listener, Marie-Paule has the unique ability to see and present ideas that expand one’s usual way of thinking. Whether you’re contemplating a new career path, searching for clarity within your current field of work or seeking a better and brighter understanding of yourself and your place in the world, Marie-Paule’s open-mindedness and encouraging nature make her an ideal person to work with.”

Amy, Switzerland

“Thank you for all the help you have provided me. You have a great future in front of you, because in your job you need most of all, empathy. And I think you have this very important characteristic.”

Constantin, Greece

“Coaching with Ronnie has been a delight. My energy and aliveness has returned, I’ve gotten lots of insights and food for thought about myself and my direction in life.”

Kimmo, Finland

Rediscovering Yourself

Coaching and Guidance for the Unique, Gifted and Curious